PUBG TIMI {APK + OBB} Free Download for Android, IOS & PC (2020)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an amazing online multiplayer game. The inspiration behind the creation of this game is a famous Japanese film Battle Royale. PUBG Timi is the first-ever smartphone version of the original PUBG that people play on PC. Here, you will know everything about it. We are sure that after you read till the end, you will never look back on other versions of the game. Also, you will play it like a Pro.

pubg timi


PUBG Timi version is in the Chinese language and needs Chinese social media and logins too. A person who wants to play it will have to make a WeChat or QQ account to access this game. Both are free of charge, and anyone can download it easily from Google Play Store or Apple App App Store. Many new features are added in this version like new skins, transport like Buggy-Carries 2, UAZ, motorcycle, etc. 

In this game, approximately 100 players parachute onto an island. They search for weapons and other tools to defeat or kill other players. At the same time, they have to avoid getting killed. The last player or team that survives will win the mission. As far as you proceed, the game’s safe area decreases in size. And the mission gets tougher and tougher.

PUBG Versions

PUBG’s first release was in December 2017 for Microsoft Windows. It was available to play for PC only and was not free of cost. However, PUBG Lite is free for any Windows PC. A free to play version was released in 2018 for Android and iOS too. The PUBG for smartphones has two versions. The first one is the TIMI version, and the second one is Lightspeed.

Timi is suitable for low quality or cheap smartphones. PUBG TIMI is developed for the Asian market by TENCENT. The first release of the PUBG TIMI version was on the Chinese App Store. It is just available in CHINA. It does not contain a global version yet. The other version, PUBG Lightspeed, is released all over the globe and is available to all of us on our Android and iOS devices. So, most of the gamers are playing the lightspeed version of PUBG.

Timi Vs Lightspeed

So now, the question is, what is the difference between the Lightspeed and TIMI versions? The Timi version offers slightly different stuff that is charismatic and energetic. The Lightspeed version is for those who are in search of the availability of the same PUBG PC version on their smartphones. The graphics are the same as on the PC version. You will feel like you are using PUBG GFX tool for it.

The Timi version contains a lot of exciting new features like vehicles, new buildings, and weapons of different shapes and sizes. It allows a smooth control of players over the game with the optimized performance.

How to play PUBG Timi?

The exciting features of the game allow you to play with interest. Also, it arises the passion for winning the mission. The procedure is as follows. When you land on the island, you have to kill other players in the game while defending yourself. The battlefield continuously shrinks with time, and players must have to remain in a safe zone to avoid problems or damage by being out of the Blue Zone, also called the Storm Area.

The Blue Zone is a circular area on the map. Within the boundaries of the blue zone, the players remain safe. However, getting outside the blue zone causes damage to the player’s health and can kill the player too. The new features like dance moves are in the game to tease the opponents. In the beginning, the player has four dance moves like Wave, Clap your hands, Throw kisses, and silence the audience. The players can change their skin before the beginning of the mission.

pubg timi

Why Choose PUBG Timi?

The game allows you to play with people of your skill level. Thus it increases your chances of winning the competition. Rewards are given on every achievement to keep the interest of players in the game. This game allows you to chat with your friends and enhances your social experience like no one. The items are automatically picked up when you reach them. On average, a mission lasts for thirty-five to forty minutes if you end up having chicken dinner.

This game enhances your teamwork skills and allows you to talk to your friends even during combat. It will enable you to apply your ideas and strategies to win the game and thus makes you able to win a competition.  It develops an interest in players to play it again and again.

  • It has the best performance with smooth control.
  • It has a lean mode, which is beneficial for TPP (THIRD PERSON PERSPECTIVE). That means that you can see around corners and also what is inside the house through windows.
  • New updates have made it more charming and exciting for the players.
  • It has high ratings.
  • Most of the players say that the Timi version is better than the English version.
  • Character’s looks are great.
  • The new updates have increased its demand and ratings.
  • It is in the Chinese language.
  • It has no global version yet.
  • A person has to make a WeChat or QQ account to have access to this game. 
  • This game is an addiction, you can’t stop yourself from playing it for hours and days.

Technical Info of PUBG Timi

There are mainly three types of modes in PUBG. SOLO, DUO, and SQUAD. In Solo, one player plays against the other player. In the Duo, 2 vs. 2 strategy applies. And in Squad, mostly 4 vs. 4 is what you will face. The major updates in PUBG TIMI are new buildings. Rock camouflage is a fantastic update, and after it came, the fans of PUBG Timi are boosting.

Other then that, there are explosive traps, mountable shields, and holograms updates too. These updates also contribute to making the game fascinating. The minimum requirements to run the game on Android is to have at least 2 GB RAM with 2 GB of free storage. The iOS users will need iPhone 5S, iPad 2, iOS 9, or higher versions to run the game.


The game has been optimized that ensures the outstanding performance of players in the game. It is an exciting pastime that anyone can play to spend their free time amazingly. It engages you in combat, where you have to win from your opponents. At the same time, it increases your curiosity to find and kill rivals. Its excellent tactics and updates will make you addicted to playing the game. So download it, and don’t forget to share your playtime experience with us.

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